We strive to make WPAX wireframe better and up-to-date, keeping in mind that it has to be cleaner, easier and faster to use.

WPAX – Completed

WPAX v0.10 – 11/02/2015

  • WordPress 4.3 updates
  • Lot’s of Axure improvements everywhere
  • First step for responsive (1280 width added)
  • Cleaning test pages (oups)

WPAX – Planned

  1. WordPress 4.4 updates
  2. Complete refactoring page “Appeareance” > “Customize” (which begins to be messy)
  3. Next step for responsive
  4. Adding some page models
  5. New widgets coming…

WPAX – Discussed

  1. Looking for Axure RP 8 compatibility and improvements
  2. Adding a widget library for JQuery UI components
  3. Adding a widget library for ACF plugin ui components